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Ruby & Mia Fragrance Diffusers

Ruby & Mia Fragrance Diffusers

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These beautiful scented diffusers from Ruby + Mia have White Frosted Square glassware with wooden reeds and a polished chrome screw on top. They will look beautiful in any room of your home and deliver a subtle fragrance that will last 30-60 days. Refills are also available so you can fill them back up when needed.

Available in the following fragrances:

Japanese Honeysuckle

Lime Coconut & Elderflower

Chocolate Fudge

Coconut Bliss

Almond Milk Caramel

White Tea and Ginger

Salted Caramel

Mango butter & kaffir Lime

Cinnamon Apple

Buttercream Vanilla

Tropical Coconut